Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.39.37 PMThis is a picture of the universe.
There’s around 100 billion observable galaxies out there; our home is the shady line in the center known to us as the milky way.

Here’s a better picture

More than 300 billion stars spin around the milky way, and that’s like… a lot of stars.

100 Billion galaxies in the universe and sum 300 Billion stars in our galaxy alone… all mysterious and all somehow connected within the universe

And that’s just what we can see
The bigger mystery lies in what we don’t see
In this vast ocean of space, lies a speck of dust we call earth.



<—That’s earth.

And those are people…sort of —> group-309069_640

There’s around 7 billion of us walking, talking and breathing on this planet.

And like the stars
We are all connected

This should look familiar to a few of us…

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.34.14 PM





That’s America. Estimated population, 325 Million and counting.

In America we know some people better than others like….

Actors, musicians, pop icons, politicians, national news anchors and world leaders…just to name a few

These people flood our lives on a daily basis…
Providing entertainment while guiding our thoughts and decision making.

We read about them in the tabloids, follow them on social media, download the apps and hear their opinions all over the news.

They help us to be more aware when it comes to the issues our country faces, as well as what the rest of world faces; they try to help us reason and find answers, concerning popular issues, whether we agree or disagree.

Because they have a voice and stand out among the rest of us, we sometimes refer to them as


What if…
The reasons we are seeking and the answers to life’s biggest questions were found in the people we personally encounter everyday?

What if they were found in everyday people with out a platform? People like you and me, The Unseen Stars?

TUS is a platform for the rest of us: to hear from each other, learn from each other, support each other and promote unity vs. division with-in and around the local community.