Featured Artist

Chris Day

Artist Statement

My current body of work focuses on aspects of civil infrastructure and how the development and maintenance is crucial to sustain health and growth in a city. I then relate this process to the human body, that it must regenerate itself for health and longevity. Having studied the human form for many years, I wanted to see if I could create a composition without the human figure but still maintain the human presence. In this work, the audience is introduced to familiar places and iconic images of civil infrastructures. Such as: bridges, overpasses, bulldozers and equations. These images are relate-able in that we use them often. The process of painting then symbolizes the regeneration that must happen both in infrastructure and within our own lives. The paint is built up and torn down over and over again until I arrive at what I feel is a harmonious balance between incomplete and complete details. I believe that we place ourselves into the painting for at least a moment and become active in the possibilities of the materials itself.