The Serial Flusher

The serial flusher is at it again… for the THIRD time Mylah flushed an item down the toilet. Josh so very calmly called me into the kitchen asking if someone was taking a bath. Very confused by this question, I answered “no why?!”. Rounding the corner, I see water literally pouring out of one of the light fixtures in the celling. I rushed upstairs to find the toilet completely over flowing with gushy poopy pee water all over the floor and evidently down into the kitchen. Mylah ….

After plunging and realizing yet again something other than toilet paper had been flushed, a make-up compact to be exact, we called her in for questioning. With head down and not even a second of hesitation, she admitted to it.

Later, when talking to her and asking what on earth would possess her to do it yet AGAIN, she said “Makaela has more make-up than me”. So, it was another case of ‘Jealousy Flushing’…

Because she got herself in a good deal of trouble over this one, I thought for sure this would be the end of it. But as I was putting her to bed I could hear her mumbling something about May having more beautiful dresses then her. I shudder to think that might mean for our toilets. We may not have seen the last of our serial flusher after all.

The Serial Flusher

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