The Best Days are Here and Now

Even on the really hard days, right in the middle of the really crazy moments, I can see it. Even in my annoyance and frustration of this season it’s clear to me that I’m going to miss it someday. I think that’s the worst part, that I can’t even be aggravated at things that are really aggravating without feeling guilty. But, I think that’s ok because sometimes I am tempted to look past this season and think “Ok, when they are older, when I can do this or that, when I able to do simple things without worrying about who’s hurting who, when time is a little bit more my own, when things are easier, when showering during the day isn’t such a feat…THEN I will have arrived. I’ll fully enjoy those days and I’ll be so content”. But, I know I won’t. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Or so we always think.

I can remember a time before I had kids, it was just me and Josh, life was so easy. I spent my days doing whatever I wanted. I had all the time in the world. I could go where I wanted when I wanted, I didn’t have to worry about babysitters to go on dates, and the house was always clean. All the things I would love now, but you know what? I spent my days dreaming of the days when my life, heart, and hands, were full of little people.

I’ve learned from situations just like that, that being content is a heart issue not a circumstance issue. That only the Lord can bring true contentment and He can do it right where I am. Whether I’m in the place I’ve always dreamed of, or longing for things to be different. In the worst of times and the best of times. When everything’s going right and when all is going so very wrong. He can meet me right where I am at with joy, peace, and contentment is this unshakable.

That brings me such hope and helps me appreciate and enjoy these days so much more. If I’m not careful, I’ll realize a little too late like when I’m beyond these days and onto the days I’ve been waiting for, that these days were pretty great, too. Being content right where I’m at is the secret to fewer regrets. My best days are not behind me, or in front of me, there right in the here and now.

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The Best Days are Here and Now

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