Kids and the Store

I try to avoid it at all cost, going to the store with all these crazies by myself. In fact, me and my sister have resorted to taking turns sitting in the car with all the kids so we can go in alone.

It’s a pride thing really, not wanting to look like the overwhelmed, out of control, unfit mother that I always do when I’m out numbered by my littles. Caring too much what others think, that’s my problem. I had to do it though, not that long ago. It was horrible. I was embarrassed, and contemplated ditching my cart more then once and just fleeing before it could get any worse.

Ah, but then: two sweet stranger ladies made all the difference that day. One offered to hold the baby so I could bag with 2 hands, the other took my cart back to the front when I was finished. Small things really, for them. For me? Huge! I left the store that day and called my mom and sister to tell them about my terrible experience but also about those two wonderful, thoughtful, stranger women who made my day and they didn’t even know it.

Mothering in the trenches. That’s what the women in my family refer to these days of mothering littles. And that’s exactly what these days feel like. I know it won’t always be like this. That this is only a season. This too shall pass. But will I remember? And not just in the rose-colored glasses kinda way, but all the real, griddy, daily hard stuff? The kinda stuff that in remembering, compels you to come along side the mothers who, long after your trench days, are right there in it. And by doing even the simplest of things, make their day better.

That’s what I want to do. When I’m not in the thick of it. When the kids are older. When going to the store alone isn’t just a luxury but a normalcy. That’s who I hope to be, some other young mother’s, lots of other young mothers’, wonderful stranger lady! Lord help me not forget!!

Kids and the Store

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