Just Stop Already!

“No! Stop that! SERIOUSLY QUIT!!!” Have the meaning of these words changed?! Is it me?! Am I not saying them right? Or is it just Lando who thinks they don’t apply to him.

My purse is his weakness. The kid just won’t learn. If it’s not that, he’s trying to grab anything and everything in his arm’s reach off the counter. And if that doesn’t work, and he still has time before getting caught, he resorts to scooting a stool over to give him the needed leverage. He’s also been known to pour children’s medicine he dug out of the forbidden diaper bag into his sister’s shoe?!

When he’s quiet, which is never good, I almost always know I will find him splashing in, repeatedly flushing, or throwing his sisters toys into the toilet. He also has grown quite fond of unraveling all the toilet paper so it rests in a giant heap on the floor for the rest of the week. He may or may not have locked himself in to his beloved bathroom a time or two as well, only to find him with cheeks full of candy he swiped from who knows where.

Then there’s his personal favorite: tackling, pouncing, and bouncing on his sisters. I just can’t keep up with him. He needs his own personal attendant. He’s non-stop mayhem from the moment he wakes up till I chase him down and scoop him up for bed. But boy does does he make me feel loved with his big “have to hold my whole face in his hands” kisses and his hugs that can literally knock me over if I’m not ready. His consistent question of “you ok momma?!” with every laugh, sigh, or any other little sound I make. So, as crazy as The Tank is and as crazy as he drives me for the majority of the days, I’m not sure what I’d do without him and his sweet little boy love.

He lavishes that love on me with that same wild tenacity that he takes on each day with. I hope even when he’s all grown he still gives me those big hugs. As for the kisses ? Well I supposed a day will come where smothering me with kisses so ferice I can’t breath will no longer be. I may never know when the one I’m getting is the last, so I’m going to indulge each one until then.

Just Stop Already!

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