Halpin Music Company

For the last fifty years, Halpin Music Company has been at the same location on Homer Adams Parkway in Alton IL; and as you may, or may not know, they will soon be relocating. So, I wanted to take a minute and personally express my gratitude towards them, for their years of service with-in our community, and share with you what their support has meant to The Unseen Stars.

Before the idea of TUS came about, I was a longtime customer of Halpin Music. Over the years, I had made good relationships with many of their employee’s, mainly John Hand; and it wasn’t uncommon for he and I to strike up a conversation whenever I stopped in. As TUS was in the first stages of development, I had no idea where it would go, or how it would get there. When it was decided that the website should be a platform for local businesses, as well as local people, I took the idea to John. He, and another employee Ryan, listened as I explained how TUS would operate; and then suggested I bounce it off their boss, Mark Landon.

When I approached Mr. Landon with the idea of becoming our first sponsor, he was interested, yet took precaution before committing. He then granted us permission to come back and get footage of the store, so that, we could at least have an example of what a sponsor’s promotional video would look like.  A few weeks, and a couple of meetings later, I received a phone call from Mr. Landon.  He told me that, in the past, he has always been cautious with their budget and they would normally turn down a proposal such as ours. He then said, he appreciated the video we had put together, and that the concept for TUS was so intriguing, he was willing to take a risk and support our vision.

Halpin Music became the very first local business to sponsor The Unseen Stars; and it was Halpin who gave us the confidence to move forward. When Mark Landon took a chance on a vision, that had virtually no credibility, it only confirmed that we were on to something good; that what we were trying to accomplish with TUS, was pure.

Theunseenstars.com launched in January of 2016, and has come a long way; further than any of us, working behind the scenes, had expected. And wherever TUS may go from here, we have Halpin Music Company to thank, for giving us the confidence to take it there.

From myself, and on behalf of my team, we look forward to seeing the new location and plan to remain loyal customers.

Much love and respect to all the fine employees at Halpin Music, we wish you all the best.

Joe Moran

Halpin Music Company

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