It’s the littlest things. Like coffee in the morning. Just the thought of getting up to a hot creamy sweet cup (or two) of coffee is enough to entice me awake even before the kids do. We are along for the ride for Josh’s work trip and the house we are staying at has no coffee pot. I woke up, stubbed into the kitchen to no coffee, none, zilch, not even a drop.

They did however have a French press which I gave my best shot. I even watched a couple tortorals but my cup came out full of coffee grains. I tried to suffer through, spitting out grains while trying to get at least a couple sips of coffee down in between the spitting but finally I gave up. I had to face the fact that no cup of coffee would be had that day, sad day.

So there I was having to face the day with crabby, whining, sleep deprived littles. It was one of those days where it felt like there was a continuous stream of blood curdling cry/screams over every. little. thing. The kids seemed to be tag teaming it so there was always someone unhappy, someone always wanting what the other had. All I could think within my frustration and own sleep deprived crabbiness was “I just need a cup of coffee, I would be handling it all so much better if I did.”

I’m sure I’ll need to be reminded again before the week’s over as my heart so easily strays, but sometimes my hope is in those little things, like getting a cup of coffee first thing or the kids getting to bed on time. Sometimes I don’t even realize that’s where my hope has been placed until those things don’t happen and my mood, attitude, and happiness are altered by its absence. The Lord is so gracious even in this. He meets me right where I’m at. Unlike coffee and circumstance He is constant and steadfast and He can give me joy, patience, and grace for the day… On the mornings when I get coffee and on the mornings when I don’t.

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